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Monitoring SMS and social media activities have become almost mandatory for parents and employers in the current social and business environment. Places of work and where they reside has become increasingly fraught with dangers and uncertainties that frequently make children or employees victims of rampant frauds, drugs and physical assaults. However, technology has come in handy here too as you may now download great apps like SMS tracker such that may spy on your children or other people without the least hitch.

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Your children may indeed be influenced by outsiders and harmful elements of society that later force them into drugs and alcoholism. Besides, there may be predators amongst them that may secretly take them out and sexually assault them. All these mostly happen due to bad influences that your children or even employees become subjected to, when you, as a parent or an employer, are not around.

It is seen through studies that most children fall prey to such dangers due to their constant use of the internet. Employees, too, are led astray by text messaging and other social media chats on their smartphones. Hence, tracking SMS messages, phone calls, browsing history, and also checking out as to whom they have been communicating and whom they have been visiting secretly enables you to have reasonable control over them in real-time.

Features of a Good SMS Tracker App

Some spy apps are specialized as child tracker while others may be for spying employees or for spying on spouses. You will find several spyware in the market and these are in the form of apps that have to be installed on the cell phone you wish to spy upon. It is also noted that no spying can be done in reality unless the software is installed.

If you need to spy on your employees or your spouse without their knowledge, then you may send the software wrapped in secret like a text message with an image on it. When the other person clicks on it, the software is automatically downloaded.

Authentic and reliable tracking apps have great features like you find in SMS tracker. Thanks to the features of these apps, you can easily monitor text messages, including multi-media messages, reviewing browsing history, getting to know the phone calls made, GPS tracking facility to know where the other person has been, and even identifying the person influencing your child or spouse you are tracking.

As for text messages, you may even search with specific keywords if the person you are tracking is your child. This will enable you to understand your child’s latest behavior or your spouse’s mystery visits. Again, good spyware would enable you to track the name of the person that your child or employee is interacting with.

You also know the details of the internet browsing history of your child, spouse, or employee quickly too. These features help you in real-time tracking all information you need about the person you are tracking. There is also powerful spyware software that can do a video recording of the person being tracked even if their phone is not active.

However, you must also note another thing. This is that the other person shouldn’t have even a little knowledge about your tracking. This is because just like there is tracking software, so also there is security software. People, if they realize that they are being spied upon, may download this software and regularly run it on their phone, and it quickly detects any spyware.

In other words, downloading anti-spyware software on their phones people may scan their mobile for any spyware. This software would also remove such spyware quite quickly too. If your child happens to inform an adult about this, then too, there is danger. A drug peddler may, for instance, have the necessary means to uninstall the software on your child’s mobile.

Hence, while downloading a spy tracker, you must always keep your mouth shut about it.

Our Reviews of Different Spy Apps

You actually come across several types of spyware, and each, including SMS tracker, comes with their own specialty. You will get to know that each of the below-selected ones have been reviewed after taking into consideration their pros and cons and that is after a detailed study.

1. Hoverwatch Software

Although it is the least expensive of all trackers, its cheapness doesn’t mean it is bad for you. It helps you get accurate information about the person you are tracking. It can easily collect the GPS location of the person you wish to track with Wi-Fi signals of that area. You naturally get to know the location of the person by simply reading the message sent from another person’s control panel. This app is supported by Android phones, Windows PC and Mac.


  • It is good for basic monitoring including spying on to-do list of other person’s mobile.
  • Again, if your target person changes sim card or removes records then that too can be tracked.


  • The biggest cons are that it doesn’t support iPhone and iPads and also there is no alert for all activities.

2. FlexiSpy

This software is the most powerful of all GPS tracking applications around. It is best served over Android phones and is accurate in locating the target person. FlexiSpy is supported by an interactive map function that even gives route history of the person. Apart from this, it is also loaded with other powerful features too.


  • It can quite easily intercept calls including VoIP calls and record them efficiently.
  • This app supports version like iPhone, iPads, Android, Windows and Mac PC.
  • It is also efficient in tracking mobiles placed on hidden modes.
  • Best of all is that you can even track passwords, take screenshots of activities of your target.


  • It is quite expensive and one of the biggest disadvantages is that you need to install software only by physically taking control of your target’s mobile.
  • It also doesn’t support latest version of iOS.

Though there are certain negatives, the good thing is that the positives outweigh them. So, you can ignore these minor shortcomings.

3. iKeyMonitor

This is another SMS tracker app that gives parents complete control over their children. It also helps you to keep your child from cyberbullying over the net. You control adult content, too, with this software. You may watch as to what your child is seeing and messaging. Thus, you will be able to know as to where your child’s current location is.


  • With this software you can get GPS location of your child and check out all activities your child has on the mobile.
  • It may even block adult sites or dangerous web pages.


  • There may be some problem in understanding the usage of software once it is downloaded.

4. TheTruthSpy

This is a great platform when it comes to spying on either your children or employees. It has the same quality of tracking multiple phones. It is one of the best SMS tracker apps, especially when you have several teen children.


  • It is pretty good for tracking mobile calls, messages and chats.
  • This app is one of the best for viewing browsing history, contacts and notes.
  • You naturally get to know all about the social media accounts and emails of your targets, apart from identifying their GPS locations.


  • It is quite efficient and do not have any cons.

Popular Problems Easily Solved

Few people may experience some difficulty during their registration with any spyware software. This is not particular to single cases, but maybe general among some consumers. An employer or a parent may wish to track a target yet may find this difficult as the text log states that the recipient is unknown.

This may be due to the target merely typing text messages without adding a recipient in their outgoing message. Sometimes, the case may be due to the wrong email address. It is generally seen that wrong email addresses may cause an improper response from spyware.

Further, you may come with issues like ‘No Location’ appearing on your phone screen. This is because that target may have turned off their GPS as many people do to save battery power. In that case, you must wait with patience till they switch it on. In any case, you must always keep your spyware entirely secret from your target.

For some people, they can see only outgoing texts, but no incoming texts are seen. This is mostly seen with Motorola or DROID phones, where you may need to adjust the Message Offset. If it another brand phone, then you may adjust your time zone.

If you are thinking of upgrading your spyware to the latest version, then you would need to uninstall the spyware first.

You need to go to Android settings, click applications, then click manage applications, then click SMS Tracker. After this, you press ‘Clear Data; and then press ‘Uninstall.’ After this, you press ‘OK,’ and you will find your tracker completely uninstalled. Next, you simply re-install the new version from the Android market.

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